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Switch custom domain to a different repl
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I'm looking to move a custom URL from one repl to another. I tried unlinking the existing repl and changing the CNAME in my DNS to point to the new repl. When I go to link the custom domain to the new repl it says, "It looks like another repl is already linked to this domain." I've changed the CNAME in my domain DNS to reflect the new record, cleared cache and used multiple devices. It's been about five days. I was just curious if there's something else I need to do to make the switch, or if folks need to unlink my domain on their end.

Any help is appreciated!

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Oh yeah that should definitely not be happening. It looks like you took all the appropriate debugging steps, too.

I'd wait for other responses first, but if it ends up being that nobody else has seen this, report it to the Bugs forum.

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404 not found

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That forum, much like the one we're on now, has been deprecated. If you have a bug, post it here. Otherwise, you can get help on the Replit Discord.