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Why is this error occuring?

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So I'm making this bot that stores its data in repl-db, but I'm not an expert in repl-db and now don't know why this error is occuring. The error is the picture below.

Screenshot from 2020-07-28 12-12-29

I have attached the repl, but place in the code where the error is occuring is below. The place where the error starts from is in line 78.

The error:

@client.command() async def prof(ctx): member1 = member = str(member1) if member in await db.all(): credits = str(await db.view(member)) title = "Coins" else: credits = "You don't have an account. Do hi!setaccount to make an account." title = ":pensive:" embed = make_embed(title=member, desc="") embed.add_field(name=title, value=credits) await ctx.send(embed=embed)

Can somebody help me?
Thanks in advance.

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