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Odd or even finder doubt (Python 2.7)

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Hiya folks!
What I'm trying to do in this programme is to find whether the number that the user has entered is odd or even.
While trying to do this, I have come across an obstacle that was brought to my attention by my coding teacher.
He asked me what would happen if the user enters a string or a float value. Ever since then, I'm trying to make this work but nothing seems to be happening.

Someone, please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

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Line 3: (Get user input): You must convert it to a float or int using float() or int()
Line 4: (Test if number is whole number): Required only if you use float() on line 3

if number == int(number): print('This is a whole number') else: print('This is not a whole number')

Line 6, Line 13: (Testing even or odd): Change number to remainder (You're testing the wrong value)

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I think int fails if the number is a string.

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true, but you can loop the program until the string entered is numeric:

num = input('Enter a number: ') while num.isnumeric() == False: num = input('Invalid Number\nEnter a number: ') num = int(num) #Do stuff here