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How to turn on and off a light with python ?
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What I am trying to code is not (or at least I dont think it is) very hard. I am trying to code a simple program to turn on and off a light. I will later connect it with an Arduino to turn on and off a light with my program. I need the command to control the light/LED, if you know it. I also would like to know how to give a time limit to the lighting time.

If you can help me thank you !

P.S. : I am exactly trying to make a code to make optic morse. I got the code to translate text to morse, but now I need to translate morse code into light signals. Once I will now how to turn on and off a light/LED, I think it will be easier.

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Np, I have a pi 4b (and an old 3b that doesn't work) and it's pretty cool, that was one of the main reasons I learned python so I could mess around with my pi.