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FatoumataDiall2 (1)

Hi nice to meet you I am new so new I wish you can tell me what to do

Baconman321 (1060)

Welcome to replit!

We have some nice tools to make your programming experience better.

See that little plus button in the upper right corner of your screen? Click it!

That will bring up a "new repl" section where you can choose from over 50 languages!

See that little number next to your name? Those are cycles! You get them from when people like your question/post/answer and either click the little arrow next to their post/comment (it's called upvoting) and/or accept your comment as an answer (upvoting gives you 1 cycle and being accepted as the answer gives you 5). Don't be greedy and ask for cycles on every post/comment you make though, as it will give you a bad reputation!

Also, see the menu bar in the upper left corner? If the menu section isn't brought up then click the three bars! You will see various buttons including "Home", "My repls", "talk", and "Notifications".

These will be crucial for navigation, especially if you will be using the talk section often.

I hope you have a wonderful time here on replit.

Also, before you use talk I recommend reading the Guide to asking questions.

Remember, keep the post in the respectful topic (questions of coding in ask, how-to's in tutorials and cool projects you made in share) and no swearing and/or other offensive words/phrases.