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So, I'm trying to make a chat app, and when i try running the repl with the index.html file in a folder, the viewport comes up with a message saying "Not Found". Now, i took a look at the docs, specifically under dot-replit, and at the bottom of the page under html, and it and it says, "For html projects, you can keep the run command empty and we will serve the project for you automatically. As per web standards, the entrypoint file is index.html. If you want to serve a different file, you can roll your own webserver in one of the languages that we support." So I don't really understand what's stopping this from running.

Answered by ch1ck3n [earned 5 cycles]
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you need to make a nodejs repl instead of a HTML repl. hope this helped. also you might want to change server.js to index.js


@ch1ck3n tysm!