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Nodejs host for openvpn
PixelNinja (319)


I'm trying to setup openvpn, but I have no idea what to do for the config. I need to put in the address for the host (which I don't know how to setup on What do I need to do to set up this management console?


Answered by SixBeeps (5346) [earned 5 cycles]
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PixelNinja (319)

@SixBeeps Hi! I tried this and still get the same error. Thanks

SixBeeps (5346)

@RossJames Ah my bad, try getting rid of the https:// part

hachimagic (1)

@PixelNinja can you fix it it says cannot connect

PixelNinja (319)

@hachimagic This isn't a tutorial, this is me asking for help because I don't know. Read before next time