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Node OUT of date
GatewayDuckYT (60)

Discord Js v14 ok so i want to install discord .js v14 but the repl node mit be OUT OF DATE

how do i fix

note: my repl is 4 years old

firefish (947)'s container image, polygott, contains every language. However, every language in polygott is out of date, and any attempts to fix this from members of replit (like myself :/) were rejected as polygott hasn't been accepting user-made changes for around a year.

The only option I think is to install an older version of discordjs.

GatewayDuckYT (60)

my repl is over 4 years old does that matter?


firefish (947)

@GatewayDuckYT Hang on... did replit even exist 4 years ago?
I might be able to fix it if you invite me to the repl.

firefish (947)

@GatewayDuckYT Can you please link the repl?


If you want to update NPM, use npm install npm.