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Does have an IRC Channel or Server?
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I am working on studying the IRC protocol (RFC 1459) so I can implement a Nodejs server and client integration. I was wondering if had its own IRC channel (most likely on Freenode) or its own server, which would be hosted on site.

If does not have an IRC channel, would any of the staff be interested in getting one up and running? You can register one for free (very easily) on Freenode. IRC is an instant messaging protocol which allows developers and users to communicate in a local namespace. This makes bug reporting and instant feedback possible without the wait for email or forum replies.

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No, there isn't a IRC AFAIK, but the repl team have a private Slack, and there's a discord server (

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Yeah, and

if you want to report bugs, or give feedback, the Discord is a good channel to do so. I use it to converse with fine lads that program stuff.