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No replit module on pc. How can I fix it
Steven_DC (3)

Hey Guys,
I'm Steven from Belgium and I'm new on programming. I'm learning Python 3 and I love it so far. But I have some issues that I don't seem to be able to fix because I don't understand them. On I can use modules like replit and they work just fine. But on my pc I get an error saying that replit is not known as a module. I installed Python 3.7 and Pycharm. Both programs give the same error. I also installed module_1 but can't find a module_2 as gave as solution in another thread on this forum.
Can you guys help me out please?

ash15khng (721)

The module replit is only available on sadly. Also what is module_1 and module_2? Can you paste a link to that thread?

Steven_DC (3)

@ash15khng Ow okey, I didn't knwo that. Is there any module or command to clean the window except replit than?
Here is the thread:

Ps: after reading that thread again, I notice I misunderstood it. Now I I'm asking myself what I installed... it was this one:

21natzil (1199)

@Steven_DC You can do os.system("cls") for windows, or os.system("clear") for linux based systems.

Steven_DC (3)

@21natzil Thanks alot, going to try that. I have the same issue with termcolor. I installed termcolor with "pip install termcolor" but it says: "there is no module named termcolor" when I insert 'from termcolor import colored'
I uninstalled it and reïnstalled again but still the same error...

Steven_DC (3)

@21natzil I found the termcolor on my pc. Seems that pip instals it in the wrong map or something. Just have to figure that out and i'm on the run again. Thanks for you help guys!
Cheers Steven