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No Idea
Genaro38 (0)

hello my name is Lungisani from South Africa, KwaZulu Natal Mtubatuba, currently residing in Durban-South Africa's play ground, I am don't have a clue what's going on here but I am will to learn so please help?


try this link. It explains everything with

IntellectualGuy (690)

Hi there welcome to!

There are 3 languages that you should probably choose from

  • Python
  • Java

Python is more syntax friendly
Java is an object oriented programming language
HTML/CSS/JS are the 3 languages that are used to make websites and such.

All of these languages are beginner friendly so make sure to consider them as a first language.

Here are a few websites where there are tutorials for you to get started with.

W3 schools
Tutorials Point
Tutorials here on

Replit is a place where you can code, ask question, answer questions, share projects, and teach concepts.

The ask section is for questions.

The share section is for sharing projects.

The tutorials section is for tutorials about coding, like a tutorial on the basics of a language.

WilliamXing (45)

You may go to talk, then go to tutorials. You will learn a lot. Also, you may go to Code Academy for amazing super cool tutorials.

CookieSnowOwl (41)

What's your question?