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New Randomizer Idea
Jakman (449)

I have an idea for a new randomizer.
he number of pi has random decimals
no numbers repeat after one another
we can easily make a randomizer out of this
the method would be to connect the points to a server
everytime someone needs a decimal you connect and get the next number.

If you can easily do servers with python this will be appreciated. Thank you.

IronStarkMan (16)

Please don't post prompts and assignments here.

Jakman (449)

@IronStarkMan this is not an assignment man. This is an idea i had. Go to the discord and you will see. Also I don't attend school

IronStarkMan (16)

yeah but i meant that you shouldnt just ask us to make something and expect the entire source code right? you should show somw research and your code. @Jakman

Jakman (449)

@IronStarkMan i finished it now with another dude