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Need help
NotInnit (3)

These confuse me, it would be great if you could explain there functions not confusingly

<head> <meta /> </head> <body> <div> </div> </body>
Answered by Arealight (7) [earned 5 cycles]
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Arealight (7)

The <body> tag is basically where you put all the main components of your code. The <div> tag is used to create parent and child elements by using declaring a class and wrapping all child elements inside (Like this <div class="parent"><p1 class="child1"><p1 class="child2"></div>). <Meta> is used to send data for the browser to learn but not visible to the user. And putting a slash before the tag makes it a closing tag.

Arealight (7)

Ight so you want me to explain each function right?

Arealight (7)

If you have any questions or want me to explain more in depth let me know