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Need help with this
MaryamNegeda (1)

Can someone tell me why, every time i try to run this, an import error pops up for bs4, even though i have it installed.

Ty :)

Answered by 19ecal (228) [earned 5 cycles]
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19ecal (228)

Try from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

19ecal (228)

And remove the url from BeautifulSoupurl

19ecal (228)

And it's find_all not findAll


it should work. It's available. It's the keywords you are getting wrong.

Brendan23 (137)

@MaryamNegeda are you 100% that the function is called BeautifulSoupurl?

Brendan23 (137)

@MaryamNegeda you added url to it. is that the problem ?

MaryamNegeda (1)

@Brendan23 omg i forgot i put that i meant to delete it
it still doesn't work though, but Ty :)