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Need help with this Java Program Assignment
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Hello, everyone, this is my first time posting something on I need help with this assignment program in java, the instructions should be in the pdf.

So if anyone is willing to help me with the project and share their ideas, please that would be grateful.


A rudimentary model of the number of COVID-19 cases in a population grows at approximately 5% and 10% per day (changing each day). If we use a random number for the dailyGrowthRate, we can attempt to model the number of cases from 1 day to next using the equation:

cases = cases*(1+dailyGrowthRate)/100

Create a program were the user enters in the starting number of cases and the program displays the number of cases each day until there are 10,000 total cases. Note: You can round down the number of cases when you print.

To generate a random double between 5 and 10 for the growth rate use:

DailyGrowthRate = 5*Math.random()+5;

Requirements for the Assignment:

  • Your program should complete the task fully
  • Your program works for every input case

Good variable names are chosen

  • There is no excessive or redundant code

  • Appropriate tools and skills are used (from this unit and before)

  • As few if statements as required

  • Loops run the minimum amount of times necessary

  • Every major section of code has a comment describing its purpose and function

  • Every if statements should have its own comment

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A simple model of the quantity of COVID-19 cases in a populace develops at around 5% and 10% each day (changing every day). In the event that we utilize an irregular number for the day to day Growth Rate, we can endeavor to display the quantity of cases from 1 day to next utilizing the condition: VMware 3V0-21.21 Practice Test