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Need help with making downloads links on my webpage.
maxina (46)

So I'm working on a program and I basically wanna make a webpage and host it on with just download links of different releases of my app. How do I do this?

maxina (46)

ah ok! thank you guys all!

KeaganLandfried (36)

To do it from Repl-
Upload the file to the repository. Then, put the link as a direct link to that file (e.g.

To host it somewhere else-
Upload the file to an external file storage (e.g. mediafire) then copy the link and paste it into your code.

SixBeeps (5062)

You can upload the releases of your app to the Repl itself, or host the files elsewhere. Then, you'd make an HTML Repl (or add a backend if you wish) with a bunch of links to those files.