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Need a html person
Flyingcrabs (29)

I am really bad at html and css and i need someone to help me with a project. they will get credit for this it is a flask thing so knowing python flask would help too thx!

HrushalNikhare (2)

I'm am almost good at Html Css

HrushalNikhare (2)

I have been doing it for almost 2 years now

Flyingcrabs (29)

I like the design of the Favicon. Just found out how to add it on to the repl! :) @HrushalNikhare

HrushalNikhare (2)

@Flyingcrabs oh sorry i was offline for a long time I could have done that

cuber1515 (56)

depending on what your doing I can help I'm pretty decent at HTML, but definitely not the best