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Navigating once again
alvinaiterra (1)

Hello it's Been a whole two Years since I last used ooh dearie I would be far now if I continued coding but I was handling other things that came my way, so one hell of a busy person...Anyway all those 2 years I thought not much change would happen but changes have happened and now I'm like a beginner in navigating my way through the website... Is it possible to see your progress before as I was learning HTML and reached 2.1 something can't quite remember but now I cannot see my previous progress

Coder100 (18208)

Replit classroom was removed if you forgot, you can't view your progress anymore

InvisibleOne (2990)

I thing that used to be part of replit but they removed it a while ago. @IntellectualGuy

alvinaiterra (1)

@Coder100 wait replit classroom was removed,nooo, is there a reason for its removal?

Coder100 (18208)

it wasn't using the main servers, and was just a general security vulnerability. @alvinaiterra