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Naming for a repl!!!

Choosing a good name for our posts is hard for me! :(
How to make a good name that makes other people wanna join???

Answered by SPQR (592) [earned 5 cycles]
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Steven_The_GuyT (330)

Make a name that attracts readers, put some cool words in it, like EPIC or SUPER. or maybe just prank everyone and put URGENT: MUST READ IF YOU HAVE A REPL ACCOUNT

Steven_The_GuyT (330)

@SPQR But then how would he make everyone read it?

SPQR (592)

@Steven_The_GuyT by having a picture of a puppy in every post. He will soon develop a reputation for having puppy pictures in all his posts, and people will read his posts just for the puppy picture, but they'll see the rest of the post in doing so


@Steven_The_GuyT Thanks!!! Cool prank but i dont wanna be bad to others:D


@SPQR AWESOME!!! That is the best idea! :D

Pythonier (316)

Describe your posts and I can try to come up with good name.

rediar (523)

@HQuan Just summarize the project in a phrase!