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My wont load so i cant see the code itself but i can still run it . How do i fix this?
papa_shrek (4)

My wont load so i cant see the code itself but i can still run it. The right side looks perfectly normal but none of my files in this specific code will load so i can edit them. Any help is greatly appreciated!


this same rpbolm hapepnd to me

Coder100 (18071)

Fork the project. This has happened to me 3 times on surviv3.
It will work then and then continue coding until you can access the master (original) and then manually commit changes. There is also a bug report. Hope this helps!

papa_shrek (4)

@Coder100 I tried ur game, its really gud :)

Coder100 (18071)

Thank you! Also, it appears your problem has been resolved. Please mark this answer as the accepted one! Thank you! @papa_shrek


It works fine.

RomeroSchwarz (271)

This happens sometimes. Just close the tab and reopen it and it should work.

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papa_shrek (4)

@RomeroSchwarz Ive done that 3 times yet it still wont work

RomeroSchwarz (271)

@papa_shrek When it keeps happening, I usually just restart my computer. There's not much you can do, so try that.

a5rocks (828)

@papa_shrek You could try hard reloading, as in ctrl+click reload button.

Coder100 (18071)

That probably won't work: it's likely a error meaning it is server side and you can't do anything about it :( @a5rocks