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My login system is not working
Flyingcrabs (7)

So i did a example for something like username: UFO password: UFO

malvoliothegood (851)

How do you put the username and password into the database? Should there be some sort of sign-up feature where a user does this when they create an 'account'?

Flyingcrabs (7)

yes so if you enter n then it will let you sign up @malvoliothegood

malvoliothegood (851)

@Flyingcrabs There is an error at line 29. The code should be:

if Password == db[Username]:
malvoliothegood (851)

@Flyingcrabs Exactly, what is the problem?

Flyingcrabs (7)

I type a password a username and when i type the password it worked but when i typed the password it did not