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My first day on replit
ChopSueyMaster (19)

Hey, this is my first day on replit and my first post. I am an intermediate programmer in GO and a fullstack Developer currently in school unfortunately as I am too young to do anything... Just wanted to ask a couple questions.

What is replit's email I can use to contact them?
and where are replit docs?
I saw a few posts in which people talk about the .replit file you can use to configure run buttons. I really need it as I will work with large applications and will need testing. Please provide the link for all the docs.

I know about the share section, cycles, markdown and the rest of the stuff, I just need the e-mail. Also, I wont be posting much, only coding. I am very confident replit is going to be extremely helpful because its environment seems to be pretty amazing. Anyways, Thanks

Answered by RoBlockHead (432) [earned 5 cycles]
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RoBlockHead (432)

Hey! Welcome to Replit! Replit's email address is [email protected], there are docs at
In the .replit file, there are 6 options that can be set:
run: Command that is executed when the run button is clicked

language: Reserved for github imports

onBoot: Command that is executed once when the repl first starts up

packager.afterInstall: Command that is executed after a new package is installed

packager.ignoredPaths: List of paths to ignore while attempting to guess packages (More about installing packages)

packager.ignoredPackages: List of modules to never attempt to guess a package for, when installing packages (More about installing packages)

(source: Replit docs linked above)
And the list of environments isn't the limit! Bash Repls can be used to run pretty much everything!

ChopSueyMaster (19)

ohh a mod i am privileged to meet you sirrr @RoBlockHead

and thanks for your answer. it will help me a lot.

and btw, i am already loving replit what a great community....

EpicGamer007 (1618)

@RoBlockHead wow, I always thought the .replit was only used for language and run, i never heard of the other ones you could use.