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Daily Question #8: Favorite character from anything?
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This thread is still going strong! May not do questions on weekends though...
Todays question is what is your favourite character from a video game, book or anything, be sure to post a picture of them too!
My favourite character from anything is Kiibo from Danganronpa V3.
He is a robot that needs to be protected, and he won't take any discrimination. otherwise, his real personality is quite timid and friendly!


Today's meme:

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Answered by theangryepicbanana [earned 5 cycles]
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My favorite character actually recently changed to Merlin from The Kid who Would be King because he is epic and powerful, despite everyone who laughs at him.
(Also, he likes beevy urine, crushed bones, and beetle blood. I'm not saying that I like that, too.)