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Java and C# Console window height has changed and is inconsistent
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I have written a text based game engine in Java (then ported it to C#) that essentially turns the Console window into graphical canvas.

And up until recently the Console window in both languages could be drawn at a "resolution" of 120x50

Then about a month and half ago something changed on the repl side for the C# Console. The window was getting cut off in both directions. I had to modify my maximum screen resolution down to 80x24

The Java window was still the original resolution, until last night. A bunch of my students noticed their normally 120x50 window was getting cut off vertically. And what I found was that it too somehow got locked to a max height of 24.

But this is inconsistent, some students were able to get the full canvas size by changing their screen resolution and reloading I attempted this fix, but it did nothing for me.

Has anyone seen anything like this or know why/how it happens and a solution or workaround?

Thank you for your time.

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Actually, now that I'm re-reading your original post, this sounds like something I found not too long ago. I had planned on making a ticket about it, but Cookie and I hadn't found any consistency with our findings.