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More python commands🤓
codermaster8 (7)

The commands have to be

  • fun
  • interesting
  • easy to understand
    Got it? Don’t do
    boring and not so fun looking
    not very interesting
    So crossed those out.

if you get your answer checked congrats 🎊🎉 you can help on some more asks posts I make

Coder100 (18902)



wow did i just see owo get printed to my terminal
so cool
so fun
so interesting
so easy to understand

codermaster8 (7)

Nope 👎 that’s for beginners it’s just trash 🗑 all it does is just prints the word @Coder100

Coder100 (18902)

no ur trash
ur for beginners @codermaster8

codermaster8 (7)

Wow how dare ima report this @Coder100

import dis

It shows you the Python bytecode of a function, but in a human-readable format. It's really cool to see how Python works on a low level.

codermaster8 (7)

The command is CHECKED cause its following on the post @ANDREWVOSS

codermaster8 (7)

Now u can help me on more asks posts @ANDREWVOSS

codermaster8 (7)

WAIT THIS COMMAND DOES NOT WORK maybe because of my spaces when I copy and paste it @ANDREWVOSS

codermaster8 (7)

Oh it’s not gonna work at all the spaces are not there @ANDREWVOSS

btfuss (178)

printBlue('text') #print blue colored text or replace the blue
text_to_emoji('text') #convert text to emoji letters
install(name) #check if module installed, if not then pip install it
drawSquare(size) #use turtle to draw square
say('text') #slowtype/typewriter
rainbow('text') -change color of each char
clear() -clear terminal
add(var+var) -add str and number
search('whatever') -search google for result and get first title
take_html(link) -take html from a page and render it using flask
get_cycles(name) -use the replit module to get cycles of user
duplicate_var(name) -use code: exec(f'{name}1 = name')

Hopefully some of these suggestions are good!

codermaster8 (7)

two of these commands are good! They are clear() and search() @btfuss