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More problems
ebp11 (39)

After stopped existing and we moved to, yet another problem has happened. Where is the + button to make a new repl? I go inside the repl, and it is gone.
I would be very happy if all the changes (besides site-wide dark mode, the navigation bar, etc) were reverted to what it was in early 2020. Thank you.

IcynDevz (725)

Most of the new features you see are new, give repl some time to improve on these.

Coder100 (16789)

or you could go like this:
click the search thingy

click the create new repl

Coder100 (16789)
  1. like this:
    click the 3 lines, and then click the button!

  1. sorry, progress has to be made, and sometimes change is bad :(
ebp11 (39)

@Coder100 , I know but it is too much work to click two buttons.