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What is a moderator?
How do you become one?
What do moderators do?
Is it possible to become one if you're just a user on repl?


As a moderator, I can say in no particular order:


You are contacted by a current mod (TheDrone7) I think,

From the dictionary:

  1. An arbitrator or mediator.

As a moderator, I can:
Edit posts, unlist them, pin them, lock them and delete them.
Warn, ban, and unban users.
As a moderator, I do:

Move posts across boards,
Warn people about !English or low effort posts, warn people for language, and ban people for breaking the ToS.


@CodeLongAndPros It sure would be interesting to be a moderator but the group probably doesn't have to be too large, does it?


@targetfanttthat People kinda swap between. Eekboy was one, but he left.


@CodeLongAndPros How would you become one?


@targetfanttthat I believe it's invite-only.


@CodeLongAndPros So someone has to notice you then? You can't ask someone straightly to be a moderator?


@targetfanttthat You can, I guess. 99.999% chance of no, though.


Hello, moderators are people who have higher privileges than a normal user. They can delete, edit (censor words), ban users, and lock posts. This is a very powerful job, but any user can get the role.

It is possible! Report all posts that you see that don't fit the rules, and be a good community member in general. Afterward, with sufficient reports (good reports that get dealt with), you can ask an admin and they can assign you the role with their discretion.

Your job as a new moderator would be to go through reports others have made and take the necessary actions.


Hi, moderators... well, moderate! they use the ban hammer to ban users, they take down low effort projects! they can also judge competitions and give people badges. if you want to know more, ask @Codelongandpros


moderators are a small elite group of replers who get chosen if they are thought to be good enough for the task. It is very highly unlikely that you will become one if you are just a random repl user.
They basically rely on people reporting posts/comments and act on that, however sometimes they do actually scroll through talk and delete/unlist posts. which may have not been reported by me yet.

they basically clean up repl talk from all the spam an advertising


@CodingCactus so basically just a "cleaning" crew to make sure repl doesn't become a trashy spam website that no one likes?


@targetfanttthat kinda, but also making sure there is no one being mean or offensive or doing bad things


@CodingCactus Alright. I thought that is what it was but just wasn't sure. Thank you!


@targetfanttthat It feels like 'pruning', with a bit of gavel-banging.
moderator user ban --user