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Missing Share Button
luisAY (4)

One of my students is missing the share button in the top right corner of the screen. He is logged into his account and is in a public repl he made. Is there any way to make the share button appear for his account?

davidnoh (5)

Turn off Ad blocker It works

Muffinlavania (1525)

If this is happening for just one repl, then i would just delete that one and use another one. If it is happening to his account, it might be
A) A bug, might want to report it
B) Something to do with student accounts, i dont know
c) Something else, sorry this has never happened to me

luisAY (4)

@Muffinlavania Thanks for the response. Tried deleting and starting a new repl to no avail. I'll probably have to report it and have him make a new account. Thanks again.

Muffinlavania (1525)

@luisAY ok! This is where you report bugs, and i hope it works for his new account! Also if you ever have any questions in the future, you might want to hit the check mark next to the comment that helped the most, because people are really bent on getting correct answers...