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Minecraft bedrock
CoderSloth909 (1)

Does anyone know what coding language Mojang used to create Minecraft Bedrock Edition? I know they used javascript for Java Edition because it is super obvious, but what did they use for Minecraft Bedrock? if you know, I would really appreciate it if you tell me :). Thank you!

IcynDevz (744)

Minecraft bedrock was coded in C++

CoderSloth909 (1)

Thank you everyone for helping me!

IntellectualGuy (668)

Minecraft Java Edition was made in Java not JavaScript.

CoderSloth909 (1)

@IntellectualGuy thank you, I just assumed that, so 5thank you for correcting me

Coder100 (16873)

It was created in C++ for more efficiency and speed.

Coder100 (16873)

you mean java for the java edition lol