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Minecraft Java Setup
Masy (33)

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if its possible to setup a Minecraft Java environment on repl similar to eclipse, Im trying to work my way off eclipse for plugin coding due to collaboration issues and multiple computers, for example, my macbook(school computer), my gaming rig(personal), and than my "server"(holds mc plugins/test mc servers) going between my macbook and my gaming laptop for eclipse is a hassle because downloading the entire jar, than unpacking it on the other device is quiet a hassle due to just going all that way to switch machines, and yes i know i could just stay at one machine, but times i move around and/or like to sit downstairs, it becomes a pain to move things around. I am looking for a way to setup an environment on Repl so i can move things to the browser, If anyone has an idea please let me know, i cannot figure out how i could insert the spigot jar file into the build path.

Thank you!!

SixBeeps (5063)

You're not gonna have much luck in doing this. I've even had a hard time running a server with a Hacker plan, so it's likely that a client running on the base plan won't either.

SixBeeps (5063)

@NoahGallo Could you be a bit more specific?
Also, a lot has changed in 11 months, and setting up a Minecraft Server on is very much possible. Client still hasn't been done, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone managed to get it running.

NoahGallo (0)

@SixBeeps can you help me set it up and i can do mods for it

SixBeeps (5063)

@NoahGallo Are you familiar with ngrok at all?