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Maximise the Output Display


Very new to, but i'm really enjoying the fact that it is so easy to sue pygame on-the-go, so I can throw together anything i'm planning on making.

I'm currently working on reproducing one of my old apps from the Commodore Amiga, which had a small hi-res display of 640x256.

I've doubled up the height to account for the correct aspect ratio, and everything is looking right on 640x512.

Now, using a laptop, no problems of course. However, I'd like to display my app on my phone occassionally. Its already proving a bit harder than i'd like to type code on the mobile site, but I can live with that.

However, my iPhone has a screen size of 1334 x 750 ... yet i cant fit the output on screen. Going by the size on screen, I assume there is some doubling go on there. Is there any way to disable that, or have the output window scale, as with an emulator screen?

The another reason it doesnt (or why i havent looked for a way to adapt my screen - e.g. with scrolling), is largely because of the mobile UI layout; I'd like to know if there is any way to maximise the output window, i.e. to make the output window full screen? It would certainly make the limits easier to work around and plan for, even if I have to plan for a double size screen



pull the console, more wider. IT can maximise it. In an inefficient way. But you can give it to feedback.


I mean you could always maximize the output screen by dragging the console bar to the fullest, and pressing on files to hide it..

Then you could put your browser in full screen, and hide the search/bookmarks bar for the largest view of the output screen possible..

You could suggest here in feedback if you want the output window to be in fullscreen mode feature possible.

Good luck though! =)


HI @Bookie0 - appreciate the reply. The screenshots look more like OSX rather than iOS though? I cant see any of the screen resizing options on the mobile site unfortunately.


@DominicCresswel ohh yes sorry I forgot lol. On iPhone:
When you press the green arrow that's the only way to have the output screen in fullscreen.

This is how it looks like in the output screen, and as you can see you can't drag anything to make it bigger.

If it's a HTML repl you can press the square with the arrow going out to see the output in a new tab though..

Is this what you wanted? Not sure if that's your question or not.. :D