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Hey Repl, I’m starting computer science A’Level this September and am using an iPad as my main device, are there any good apps I can get to code on?

I have been recommended:
Pythonista - will be good however we are learning C#
Codea - again, looks good, especially for making games however it is in Lua
Continuous - look like my best option atm as it’s in C# and looks good for coding games

If any of you have any recommendations or other points about the three I suggested please let me know

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Answered by Bookie0 [earned 5 cycles]
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@MaxFordham Hi,
You can use Online IDE's like:-
1. Repl.it
2. CodeChef
3. GitPod

You can use apps like:-
1. Pythonista
2. Coda
3. Git2Go

My Best recommended in Online IDE's is Repl.it and the best-recommended app is Pythonista

Hope this helps.
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@MaxFordham Hi,
Check my answer above and Please &
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