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Material UI note getting installed
icool (1)

My npm install @material-ui/core and npm install @material-ui/icons is not getting installed. Can someone help me?

Coder100 (17133)

wdym it's not installed?

Wumi4 (486)

To install them, you need to open the Repl Terminal by using the Ctrl+Shift+S key combination and type the following command:

npm install @material-ui/core 
npm install @material-ui/icons

Hope this helps you!

Coder100 (17133)

didn't they say they already tried that @Wumi4

icool (1)

@Wumi4 i tried but it didn't work!

Wumi4 (486)

@Coder100 I thought that they don't know how to install the package lol. I'm stupid.