'fork/exec /usr/bin/php: operation not permitted' again & again!
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I was using the PHP - CLI as a free user. I had no problems. I thought I would give back to the developers and sign-up for the Hacker plan. I am trying to use PHP - Webserver, and it's basically unusable due to the following error 'fork/exec /usr/bin/php: operation not permitted' I've Googled to try to find out what the problem is many times - I've yet to find a proper answer.

It's not my code - it's about as basic as it gets. Could somebody please enlighten me? I will provide a link to the code - it may work the first time. Is there something I have to configure on my end? I've disabled UBlock Origin.

I may have to revert back t the free plan - not being able to use PHP Webserver is a deal breaker for me.


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@Masy Thanks for the response. I'm a grandad, so not at school :-) I doubt it's the router as I have complete control over it.

The strange thing is, if I go to this page: https://repl.it/talk/announcements/PHP-Language-Improvements-and-Web-Server-Capabilities/15085

I click on the link - 'launch your own PHP Web Server Today' - it creates a new repl and it actually works! Seems I can't create a new php web server via the create 'new repl' option. At least I've got a working PHP Web Server... for now.