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Markdown isnt working
TimmyJunior (2)

# Help
Help i tried to use markdown for a post but it doesn't work. How do you fix this sir?

Coder100 (18071)

only one space between the # and the text, only one can be there.

# help


also, you cannot have spaces in the ticks, like this:

TimmyJunior (2)

@Coder100 thank you for 5he kind information, I'll try sir

# help (1 space)
#  help (2 spaces)

It still doesnt work sir... I also put no spave below

print ( " there " )

TimmyJunior (2)

#⠀see sir its not working

`I cant use markdown does this happe nto everyone`

print ( " Heloo world " )

TimmyJunior (2)

Please help sir its still not worling