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Markdown c#

I sometimes have to leave links and stuff into my projects and it would be great if I could use markdown in c#. How would I do that?

Answered by Kai_Justice [earned 5 cycles]
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You should use a .md file for markdown, otherwise comments are the only way to do something like that although they don't get any markdown styling applied to them.


@Kai_Justice for the code, I know to add a .md file, but I want to be able to use it in the code


@Bunnytoes You can't put markdown directly into the code and have it be styled.


@Kai_Justice 😥 ok thanks


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You can add a markdown file in the code and the code will follow the markdown formatting. I will further ask my friend who is a coding expert. But I have to get some dissertation editing service in UK to get my dissertation corrected as the deadline is near. So if you can wait for a while I will let you know the best solution.