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Markdown Anchor Links Not Working On Replit
TalinSharma (77)


Why isn't it working? It works for other people on GitHub discussions...


Bunnytoes (111)

Github's markdown is a little different(I think) so here is how to do it on replit, start with a * and then + and then - like this, don't forget a space

  • Hello
  • Goodbye
  • See?

also I think you can have all of them be *
now for indentation, use 2 spaces before it

  • hello
    • goobye
    • see?

I hope this was helpful and if it was please mark as answer

TalinSharma (77)

Thanks for the info but I was asking why won't the link in the list work. I know how the lists work.


Bunnytoes (111)

@TalinSharma maybe because it goes to ###indentation and not an actual link or maybe because it goes to lowercase ###indentation and not uppercase