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Making a chat site
9751 (27)

I've always wondered about how people make chat sites on
Can anyone tell me?

Coder100 (16838)

Hi! You can do it with node.js + as the backend, and HTML as the frontend. Make sure you know javascript.

DynamicSquid (4625)

@Coder100 oh that's a nice tutorial. I also really need to get working on my dating site

ironblockhd (425)

@DynamicSquid a dating ste for squids? :D

DynamicSquid (4625)

@ironblockhd you log in, create a profile, and start matching

DynamicSquid (4625)

@ironblockhd with other users on this site!

PattanAhmed (1397)

@9751 Hi,
If you need to make a ChatRoom, you need to learn these two things so that you can start making your own!
They are:-
1. Frontend:- Languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript...
2. Backend:- Languages like Python, PHP, Java, Ruby...

And the second thing is that you can find many tutorials specifically talking about this ChatRoom like this YouTube video or this Website or maybe this too

Hope this helps
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DynamicSquid (4625)

you need two things:

  1. frontend
  2. backend

front end is HTML, CSS, to make everything look the way it is. then you need to actual make the thing using servers. you can find plenty of tutorial on youtube for chatwebsite, like this: