Wildest programming language idea
amasad (3356)

What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones.


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DynamicSquid (4634)

Make a language with the exact same syntax as ENGLISH. For example:

"This is a comment."

Create a new variable named answer.
Have the variable named answer store the value of 10.

"Don't forget, grammar and spelling matter!"

If the variable answer is equal to 10, then do the following:
  1. Add a value of 5 to the variable.
  2. Create a new variable named question.
Otherwise, do the following:
  1. Exit the function.

Now, you can say that you're favourite language is English!

firefish (1004)


Print the following sentence to console: "Well LOL"
Call the function under the name of "Test123"
Declare a global array called "Drinks" with content:
   Index zero has: "Tea"
   Index one has: "Coffee"
   Index two has: "Peach Juice".
Declare a function under the name of "Test123":
    1. Pick a random item from the list called "Drinks", and put it in a variable called "drink"
    2. Print the variable "drink" to the console.
    3. Exit the function.


firefish (1004)

@DynamicSquid As long as you are a fluent English speaker.
And all English lessons are now coding lessons too.

firefish (1004)

@DynamicSquid Simple way of making school even more interesting than it already is...

firefish (1004)

@awesome10 The point is that it's English

firefish (1004)

@DynamicSquid You have to deal with synonyms though

DungeonMaster00 (183)

@DynamicSquid dude that lang is good (english grammar lang)

firefish (1004)

@nk1rwc I know. But this language cannot accept internet slang: e.g. lol or lmao.
You also have to laboriously type abbreviations, i.e. expanding to id est, and e.g. expanding to exemplis gratis.

ChezCoder (1616)

@DynamicSquid lol i think the name for it already exist, lookup pseudocode

PXY (39)

Was that you're intentional or can I make fun of you @DynamicSquid

Barry123 (348)

Try Chinese instead of English?
Hello world would be:
打印 “你好世界”。
This prints whatever you enter:
a 设为 输入(“输入:”)
打印 a

javaarchive (1)

@DynamicSquid that would make math problem solving easy.
To implemement this look for a NLP library for your language

AnthonyMouse (80)

To improve on that idea, try spelling everything backward!

".tnemmoc a si sihT"

.rewsna deman elbairav wen a etaerC
.01 fo eulav eht erots rewsna deman elbairav eht evaH

"!rettam gnilleps dna rammarg ,tegrof t'noD"

:gniwollof eht od neht ,01 ot lauqe si rewsna elbairav eht fI
.elbairav eht ot 5 fo eulav a ddA .1  
.noitseuq deman elbairav wen a etaerC .2  
:gniwollof eht od ,esiwrehtO
.noitcnuf eht tixE .1  


CSharpIsGud (925)

@DynamicSquid https://github.com/pannous/english-script

I was thinking of it and even about using natural language processing libraries to do it. But it kind of exists already.

poetaetoes (293)


123nabilben123 (1)

Wow that would be cool, lol

firefish (1004)

@Barry123 我为此使用了翻译器。没有意义。

viraatvv (146)

@DynamicSquid well... isn't visual basic [kinda] like that?

h3rb (2)

@DynamicSquid Been done. See: Shakespeare language, Lingo language, etc

DungeonMaster00 (183)


to make the language more realistic, it needs bad error messages

>>> vtrjfeuiUBYhujuNJNJuj
I don't understand that.

even worse, there is no evaluation before code is run.

if there is bad language (profanity, ect), that will also have an error.

# user runs program with swear word.

theres something to make ur lang more realistic

Daniel3210 (19)



print("I am easy.")


Print the following sentence to console: "Hey, why are my strings harder than a snake?"
CuriousMonkey (45)

english programming language is kinda pseudocode @DynamicSquid

CodingRedpanda (179)

@DynamicSquid there is a language exactly like that called ~English on Esolang.org, here's the link: Esolang>Wiki>~English, yu should read the article it seems nice.

ch1ck3n (1620)


If chicken is the best:
  ch1cken will post this
hello1964 (26)

@DynamicSquid That's sort of like lolcode

xxpertHacker (861)

@DynamicSquid Let's see how far we can make this go: Encode.

@Theboys619 Are we done with Encode? I forgot that I had broken the syntax highlighter in some obscure, weird way, but I didn't know what was wrong.

DynamicSquid (4634)

@xxpertHacker lol that's cool! could you link the github page? I couldn't find it on the website

xxpertHacker (861)

@DynamicSquid You know what? I was never given the GitHub page myself :).
@RohilPatel Is there an actual GitHub page? Is Encode dead? (or is it encodedead?)

Are we keeping the old docs?

Theboys619 (63)

Sorry I haven't gotten to much of it since school. I just have been getting stacked with homework. And I kinda forgot about it. I still want to work on it though since we got quite a bit of it somewhat done. @xxpertHacker

DynamicSquid (4634)

@Theboys619 Can you link the github page?

Theboys619 (63)

It's not up to date though.

Theboys619 (63)

Gottem. At least its TS a 1/3 of a step up from JS.

xxpertHacker (861)

@Theboys619 I haven't been working on it either, neither has Rohil, so it's okay.
I'll go put the GitHub link on the docs website though.

I could remove the dynamic functionality from the server, allowing us to host the docs on GitHub instead, should I or not?

Theboys619 (63)

I mean its up to you for that. I don't really care where the website is. Probably ask Rohil. @xxpertHacker

Slimmik3 (1)

@firefish I dont want to learn english as twice as much.


@DynamicSquid Nice idea! I think I will try to make something like that if that's ok with you

NoNameByProgram (198)

@DynamicSquid i know this is from like...5 months ago but i've decided to make a lang like this :D

DynamicSquid (4634)

@NoNameByProgram cool! Could I take a look at it?

Stan085 (23)

@DynamicSquid except you have to memorize the exact syntax, it's long, and if you suck at spelling, well yeah, you get it (hopefully!)

Stan085 (23)
while True:
 exec("make me a new language!!")
WyattCodes (0)


Run 10 laps around my house
say 'elmo knows where you live'
eat some pasta
destroy bob's computer
build me a house for free
OscarSowerbutts (7)


display on screen 'Hello World'
set the variable A to a random number between 1 and 10
ask 'Guess my number between 1 and 10' and set Reply to the returned input
if variable A is equal to variable Reply, display on screen 'Well done!'
quit program

Nice idea!


@DungeonMaster00 lol and then:

#user runs program using "cuz" instead of "because."
BlakeLeee (14)

Hack DynamicSquid.Bank()
Successfully Stole 50000

RahulChoubey1 (136)

@DREWNOLT or better yet:

#my program is just h

good job, best letter of the alphabet but not even a program.
BlakeLeee (14)

I think this is amazing lol @AnthonyMouse

AnthonyMouse (80)

If someone actually figured out how to do a print statement…(without a gibberish string) I’d be impressed lol @BlakeLeee

RahulChoubey1 (136)


Press CTRL+Q to pay _dis_respects
DabDatBass (13)


>>> blue
da ba dee da ba die
RahulChoubey1 (136)

@DabDatBass ok

>> among us
a thing
DabDatBass (13)


>>> Open a new web page with URL "https://among.us"
lol nope
HoogidyBoogidy (4)

@Daniel3210 "snake" LOL. Python is two things, a snake and a programming language.

Stan085 (23)

@DynamicSquid you're looking for ~English
you can support the addition of ~English here.

arnavpandey722 (2)

@firefish This would make programming SO much easier

aricmiller (2)

@DynamicSquid If this were real there would be a lot more programmers in the world and I bet most of them would use English. Lol

Baconman321 (1059)


Unexpected English syntax error: Dangling modifier at 'Having finished the promise, print it to the console' (185:1)

thethermometer (3)

@DynamicSquid I have the exact same idea! I'm trying to make it so that there's this kind of thesaurus thing and however you phrase something or whatever you use it's come out with the same result.

Something like:

Say "Hello world!"


Make a variable called "x" and get user input for x.

Through analyzing what one wrote (identifying what words and how they relate to each other) a fully working language could be made

LegendaryWolf (684)

that wud be a lot of typing....


@firefish awesome but way too much typing ;)

cannonthepom123 (15)

@DynamicSquid then when you get an error instead of seeing syntax error: no matching [ you would see uh, sir yu forgot the end square bracket

TestOP (19)

@firefish it’s called skript, you use it for making Minecraft plug-ins