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💲Make Money 💲Building a Bot 🤖
amasad (3355)

Hey, I'd like a bot that reads comments and posts from repl talk in realtime (you can use @mat1's repltalk pip package) and posts it to a channel on Slack.

In the comments propose a bid in dollars and deadline date and I'll select the best bid and when you're done I can send you the money via your favorite money app, gift card, or check.

Answered by Scoder12 (842) [earned 5 cycles]
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Scoder12 (842)

Ok @amasad I am done. I will do it for $45 but I can beat any other offers you get. I can dm you the repl and invite if you want.

amasad (3355)

@Scoder12 ok you got the bid! Let's see it

amasad (3355)

@Scoder12 nice I'll check it out and email you soon.

Scoder12 (842)

@amasad ok thanks. I just now finished getting it to work so it should work now in case it wasn't before. I also added oauth2.

Scoder12 (842)

$45 and I'm almost done can get you tomorrow morning

LingWu1 (88)

Ur giving money for someone to answer a question? Wow, cool.

Sparkster (45)

Just go on discord

kpostal10 (31)

Is mat going to be making any money off for writing the code to interact with repl talk?

theangryepicbanana (1694)

Can this not be made in python? If so, feel free to tell other people that

Scoder12 (842)

@theangryepicbanana probably if you write the library yourself

jajoosam (875)

lol why is no one here yet

I'm down to make the bot - bid is $50, deadline tomorrow

are there docs for the repltalk package?

mat1 (4424)

@jajoosam The package is still missing a lot of features but you can view a simple example I made on PyPI

Edit: there's documentation on the PyPi page now