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Wanting Help going forward...
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We built a programming language for the well known Programming Language Jam. We did not make the language to win the $10,000. We wanted to grab peoples attention and get some help going forward. I did not want to ask during the jam because I thought it would be unfair to the other teams. I wanted to make a fully supported language in the long run. Python was not built in one month, so why should ours. If anyone wants to donate some time and effort to the project, comment down below and I will show you the project. We are only a team of two with only a small amount of time, we get done what we can.

If anyone asks I will post the jam submission, I just don't want that to take away from my goal. I am just going to post the github for now.


Also please tell if this is the wrong place to post something like this. I want to find people, not to break the roles.

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@Mainmenu Welcome!
You will surely find some good people to help you...
Just be patient!