permutations or anagrams in javascript

i don't really remember the definitions for either of the words in the title, but i kept looking up
"how to get every possible combination of letters in a length in javascript".
i need something else.
what can i use that takes the letters in a string and scrambles it into its' length, and allows multiple?

e.g. ab:

instead of

and I'm sorry i don't know what to try because i tried what has already been tried but it doesn't meet my needs and i can't try to try making one myself because it hurts my brain to think about how it works.

literally. it hurts to think sometimes.
google doesn't help and i know stackoverflow is okay in a demanding tone but i just deleted my account and it's gonna feel awkward to make a new one of the same email

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Answered by MadMath123 [earned 5 cycles]
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