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MAZE GAME banned???

@Zavexeon I have no other way of contacting you so im using this. My post ( has been blocked for 'upvote farming'. This is not true. Im guessing the reason is the rapid gain in upvotes. This was not artificially caused by me as I have no idea how to do this (as you can see by my level of coding in the program) and is instead probably because of how incredibly amazing the program is. Please unblock the post so I can achieve my dreams of stardom.

Answered by Zavexeon [earned 5 cycles]
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Sorry, I didn't lock it, but several of us agreed something fishy was going on. ;~;


@Zavexeon mmm, yes, fish
but it does seem like a lot of alt accounts


@TaylorLiang @Zavexeon This is genuinely not me.
The reason for lots of people with a Maze Game on their account is probably because my program used to use a page to permanently save highscores. This was easily changeable (so someone could get on the leaderboard) if somebody just copied my program and added a line giving the time they took as something very low which explains the amount of maze game programs (I have since disabled this feature). Side note: if they were alt accounts, why would I put a maze game program on the account?

The people referencing a previous maze game are my friends. They are referencing another friend's maze game ( where you can see most of them commenting on that. I created my own maze game (all original code) to rival that maze game and i am very close to besting his amount of upvotes (I have 82, he has 95). If friends of mine want to upvote my post of their own choice, I don't think there is any problem with that.

Please unlock my maze game post so I can beat Merlin for the good of all humanity.


@PH1 I'll give you the benefit of doubt and unlock it. :)


@Zavexeon Thank you kindly sir