C++ warning in function

Good morning!

My function consists of 2 global variables coins and XP

In case you are wondering what this function does, I'll explain.

The function is made for after the player wins the level. When this happens, they gain XP and coins. For some reason, the program is giving me a warning on the return value XP

The function:

How can I fix this?
The warning is at return XP, coins;

An extra favor?

I don't want my game to only drop a certain amount of coins or give only 100 XP every single level. How can I change this to be random between a certain amount of numbers?

(if you answer both, i will select your explanation as the answer to this question)
Thank you

I am not including the entire program due to other possible errors that i may be fixing while awaiting the answer to this question

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Answered by xxpertHacker [earned 5 cycles]
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@LoveFromSkyy auto is one C++'s type deduction keywords.

I just didn't want to type out std::pair<int, int>; but that's the type that the std::make_pair return type is deduced as.

As for the auto [ experience, coins ] = ..., the autois needed.

Some references: