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Losing file data in
GandalfyDev (5)

Please tell me a fix for this, my program is over 20K lines long and it would be too hard to change it all, I use .json to stroe data, would somebody please tell me how to stop losing data? Ty.

GandalfyDev (5)

Afternoon, I found a way to fix this. You need a function that every 20 seconds opens all the files and reads them, after that it should close them. As long as this is running your data in json files should be saving properly.

Coder100 (18109)

Hi! Don't use JSON to store data, it actually won't save if you aren't on the repl. This is a security thing. Once got DDOSed from this (iirc).

Anyways, here are the permissions:

  • Your repl can view any file anytime
  • Your repl can write to any file anytime
  • Your repl cannot save to any file if no owner/collaborator is present.

Ask @turbio for more on the api.

PattanAhmed (1404)

@GandalfyDev Hi,
You can try by pressing Ctrl+S(A save command).
This is the only way to forcibly save the data anywhere.
If worked then Cool
If didn't work, then you can report it as a bug here.
The community of may follow you there...

Hope this helps
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GandalfyDev (5)

This is confusing as I want it to save through the program, not save manually.

PattanAhmed (1404)

@GandalfyDev Hi,
I think this is a minor bug.
If you also think it as a bug then please report in the Bugs Section,
By Clicking here

Hope this helps
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TheForArkLD (770)

Good luck, you can wait for save.