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Does anyone now how to loop something?

Answered by ArchieMaclean (928) [earned 5 cycles]
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ArchieMaclean (928)


# does 10 times
for n in range(10):

myarray = ["a","b","c"]
 # repeats for each item in the array
for item in myarray:

x = 0

# conditional loop
while x<100:
  x+= 1

# loop forever (don't do this unless you know what you're doing, a
# nd you're limiting how fast you can go through it)
while True:
  print("oh dear, repl crashed")

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Hm. I am not sure if it is perfect but definitely a nice start. Thank you. @ArchieMaclean

ArchieMaclean (928)

@MATTHEWBECHTEL what do you mean? Is it not working for you?


No it’s fine but my keyboard is lagging. Thanks. @ArchieMaclean


Is there a way to loop a certain Message though?


Never mind, I fixed it. But do you think it will lag itself to death before it reaches 10k messages? @ArchieMaclean

Murzikal (22)

@MATTHEWBECHTEL as in a print statement? then do

while True:
     print("your message")
ArchieMaclean (928)

@MATTHEWBECHTEL If you want to do a giant loop, you can use xrange, like:

for n in xrange(100000):
  # do something

IDK what you mean by 'Message' though


Ok one last question about loops. What’s the difference between range and xrange?

Murzikal (22)

@MATTHEWBECHTEL range is python 3, xrange is py 2

Steven_The_GuyT (329)

which language? I could probably give you an answer. Also, could you specify which type of loop? There are different loops, including for loops and while loops. Thank you!

PAULX (21)
#this is repeating infinitely
x = 2
while x > 1:
  print("Hi world.")

#this is repeating 10 times
x = 10
  while x > 0:
  print("Hi world")
  x = x - 1

Ok umm also is there a way to use Time.Sleep(1) but with a decimal as an time interval? For example: Time.Sleep(1.65) It would be super useful.

Geocube101 (627)

@MATTHEWBECHTEL It should work just as you typed it. Is it not working?

If not, try a lowercase 'T': time.sleep(value)


No it is, but I’m just wondering if decimals work in time.sleep @Geocube101 like time.sleep(.89)

ArchieMaclean (928)

@MATTHEWBECHTEL I think decimals work. Try it and see! If not,

import pygame
pygame.time.wait(10) # waits 10 ms

may work (not sure if it works on just python repls though)


Yes, I just realized that they work! Thank you. @ArchieMaclean

ArchieMaclean (928)

What language are you wanting to use?