Where can I contact technical support

I have a problem that needs support right now.
@ViLLaNClan found an exploit to access .envs of public repls and is using https://repl.it/@ViLLaNClan/DatabaseKeeper#index.js to prevent me and @ElectroCloud from accessing our own database for my discord bot in over 85 discord servers, https://repl.it/@Pandapip1/hyperchat-bot. I urgently need the database back, and I can't find anywhere to contact support. Thanks for all your help.

EDIT: He is also declining to tell us the glitch so we can report it.

EDIT 2: Apparently the bot is in over 120 servers.

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Answered by InvisibleOne [earned 5 cycles]
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Looks like the repl.it robots were very helpful:

Hey there!

It looks like you want to change your username. You can do that at https://repl.it/~/cli/account/change-username?run=1. Let us know if you need help and a human will jump in.

Happy coding!
-The Friendly Repl.it Robots