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Looking for feedback on Nix / PHP 8 Dev Environment

I have been learning about Nix, and enjoying how easy it is to modify the environment in a declarative way. This REPL shows what I've learned so far in setting up a PHP 8 environment complete with a variety of PHP extensions and the ability to modify configuration lines (as is typically done in php.ini) I would love to get your feedback!


Nice! You seem to know your way around Nix quite well. Any reason why those extension packages are there?


@SixBeeps Thank you. The extension packages help with common use cases in PHP, for example, working with databases and images. There are also a number of packages for debugging (which is especially useful when learning). The Composer extension is also important as it lets you manage dependencies and libraries in a PHP project. With Nix there are plenty of other PHP extensions that can be added.