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Looking for Teammates for Jam
Zavexeon (1186)

Hiya, I've just decided I'd like to participate in the Jam but I don't really have any teammates.

I'm wondering if it anyone would like to be my teammates or if anyone would be ok with me joining their team.

I guess I should mention my skills and whatnot.

  1. I've partially designed a language but I've never actually built it before. (If you want to help finish design it for the Jam that'd be ok with me).

  2. I have the most experience with JS but I could adjust to other programming languages if needed. I've used some C and C++ in the past. I'm pretty familiar with Ruby (a refresher might be needed), and I've worked with Python before too (though I strongly prefer not to use it).

  3. I have a good grasp of programming in general, though some technical language things elude me.

In general, I'd be a well rounded teammate who could do a multitude of things, even things that are new to me.

ALSO! Using NodeJS would be greatly preferable for me.

sugarfi (626)

I would be willing to help. I know some Ruby and NodeJS/Python. but I'd prefer to work in a faster language like Rust if that is an option.

Zavexeon (1186)

@sugarfi Hmm... I don't really hardly know Rust, but I could definitely give it a shot. I already have one teammate but we're definitely open for another. So far we have a language name and well, shockingly, a logo for it. Everything else has been me trying to figure out the Ohm parser.

sugarfi (626)

@Zavexeon oh, cool! I would definitely like to help out. Could you DM me on Discord or something?

JosephSanthosh (1196)

I don't know if I want to commit to it or not. I want to join but i'm not sure if I would be of any help

Zavexeon (1186)

@JosephSanthosh Any help would be appreciated. If you ever feel like you'd be able to dedicate, please let me know!


Same here

JosephSanthosh (1196)

@Zavexeon With school starting I have a lot summer assignments to do so I'm so sorry! Best of luck :) !

k9chelsea2 (785)

What I reccomend is go to the replit discord server go to bot usage and write ']jammer' you will then have access to the find teammates channel and you can find teamates there