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Looking for Javascript & Nodejs Developers
candies (429)

Hi reader, I'm pretty sure you're a javascript developer because you're reading this selection. But if you're not, please ask a friend to read this.

📢 What I need help with.

I am looking for good javascript developers because I am trying to make a system where you can develop discord bots with our coding language, Bits.

🎯 What is "Bits"?

  • Bits is a coding language converted into and/or discord.js.

  • This "coding language" only can be used on the discobits website. It can only work there because the converter only allows that domain for safety reasons but the framework can be added to a different project if hosting from there.

  • Bits can be preferred as Bitscode, Discocode, and or BDFD Alternative.

🚀 What do I get in return?

  • Right now, there is nothing I can give you other than reputation.
  • But I'm working on a Premium Feature. The benefits of having premium are more complexed and better hosting, Secure Tokens (although it is already secure, it secures.. betterly?), and automated advertising developed by Reindash. All of this together has a price range from 4$ to $8 dollars. You can also buy hosting, Every 1$ is 3 Hours of Hosting.

  • So, you'll get 4.2 % of our earnings.

  • Lets say we get 100$. and your cut is 4.2%. You get about $23.

Here's an Example of A code.

This code has been a big problem with me. I can't properly script it. Here's the code.

function disco() {
  x = prompt("What is the DISCOBITS Project Name?")

  setTimeout(function(){ alert("Storing title of the project."); }, 3000);

  y = prompt("What is the DESCRIPTION of the Project?")

  setTimeout(function(){ alert("Managing the DESCRIPTION"); }, 3000);

  if (typeof x == File(x + ".html")) {
    alert("Project Name already exists")
  } else {
    window.location.href = x + ".html"

If you could fix it, I'll proudly put you in the credits. Anyway, BYE!

Coder100 (18925)

what do you mean script it?

candies (429)

@Coder100 what I mean by script is code.

Coder100 (18925)

the type of x is a string, and will be "string" you aren't really using typeof correctly

secondly, the setTimeout is asynchronous, so the alert will come both at the nearly the same time 3 seconds later. @candies